From day one, D&A has focused on equity, inclusion, accessibility, and social justice—lifting the voices of the underrepresented and historically excluded. We develop creative and culturally relevant engagement strategies informed by research, data analysis, and stakeholder feedback, that inform, inspire, and spark impactful conversations.

Our approach to equity includes:

Meaningful Inclusivity: We identify and remove barriers, not just by inviting people to the table, but by bringing the table to them. This may include introducing opportunities and information at public housing communities or places where people without internet access meet and providing on-site childcare, in-language materials, and translators.

Consultation with Diverse Leaders: We leverage long-standing community relationships to help us drive better outcomes for clients through the “Speed of Trust,” whereby greater trust among stakeholders increases receptivity to messages, reduces the potential for project miscues, and helps decrease project costs. We frequently partner with community-based organizations (CBOs) to help us reach historically excluded communities.

Equity Training & Education: Well-executed training programs help embed equity into an organization’s culture. From developing an unconscious bias training curriculum to message-training CBOs about how to talk about addiction issues our programs help initiate a cultural shift.