Caltrans Stormwater

Promoting Sustainable Environmental Practices through Equitable Community Outreach and Engagement

Caltrans’ Stormwater Education Program promotes sustainable environmental practices in order to limit waste, reduce harm to wildlife, and ensure outdoor spaces are enjoyable for all. Caltrans leveraged D&A’s track record of building strong bridges between communities, organizations, and government agencies to bring the program to the public. 

D&A was tasked with finding a creative way for Caltrans to communicate the disastrous effects plastic and trash have on stormwater and waterways via a collaboration with Marin County artists whose lifelong passions are transforming reclaimed materials found on beaches into art. The commissioned installation, appropriately named, Trash Castles, earned media coverage that helped promote the importance of sustainable living.  Leading up to the event, D&A established a qualified messaging strategy for publicity and engagement materials, a messaging cadence, and event preparation plans to achieve the goal of supporting the individuals of California’s 12th water district in their efforts to maintain their beaches through art, education, and community engagement.

D&A facilitated a partnership between Caltrans and Orange County Coastkeeper, a reputable nonprofit organization. Caltrans supported the group’s Coastal Cleanup Day event located at Huntington State Beach along with other local vendors and organizations. Caltrans’ contributions of educational materials, reusable everyday items available to the public, sponsorship of the unique “Trash Castle” art installation, and social media promotion led to the event’s success.

As representatives of one of the largest transportation government agencies in the state, it was essential that every component of this event was highly executed. 


D&A and Caltrans partnered with Orange County Coastkeepers for Coastal Cleanup Day, an equitable opportunity to align as a community on an international scale and clean our beaches, parks, and waterways while educating the public on the negative effects of stormwater pollution and actions that can be taken for a cleaner California. The event made local and statewide news with segments of interviews by Caltrans leadership.

“293 volunteers included schools, extracurricular groups, community organizations, businesses, and members of the public collected 257 pounds of trash and made local and statewide news..”

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