A Look Back at Women’s History Month

Celebrating Legacies of Empowerment

Women’s History Month may have just concluded, but our commitment to empowering women never stops. As a women-led firm, we are proud to shine a light on the women who have fought tirelessly to strengthen our community, including these amazing partners:

Shreya Ramachandran, Founder Grey Water Project

Shreya Ramachandran’s leadership in environmental stewardship is a beacon of inspiration. We had the privilege of working with Shreya throughout the Caltrans Stormwater “Let’s Change This to That” public education campaign, which promotes sustainable environmental practices to limit waste, reduce harm to wildlife, and ensure outdoor spaces are enjoyable for all. Shreya is the founder of The Grey Water Project, which began as a personal initiative to educate communities on the importance of grey water and finding safe ways to reuse it. Shreya’s contributions to sustainability stand as a testament to the enduring legacy that women changemakers play in shaping our world.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Emerita, U.S House of Representatives 

We’re proud to spotlight Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi for her impactful career in public service and advocacy for the city of San Francisco for more than  35 years. Recently, our team had the honor of meeting Speaker Pelosi at the Southeast Community Center, a hub of community programming and locally rooted events. Our connection to the Southeast Community Center runs deep, as we played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Community Benefits Program, which enabled the community center to be built. As we honor Speaker Pelosi’s legacy, let’s celebrate the countless women shaping our communities.

Rocio Medina van Nierop, Co-Founder Latinas in Tech

Last in our series is Rocio Medina van Nierop, Co-Founder and CEO of Latinas in Tech. With more than 15 years of dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Rocio collaborates with allies across 200+ tech companies to foster fair and inclusive environments that empower Latinas in tech while ensuring they receive the recognition they deserve. She has worked tirelessly to enact change from within and has done so by promoting diversity initiatives across various organizations. Let’s continue celebrating and supporting leaders like Rocio, whose efforts towards diversity are integral to lasting change. 

Even though Women’s History Month 2024 has ended, our dedication to supporting women and celebrating their achievements remains steadfast. We believe in continuously uplifting women and highlighting their successes, not just during designated months, but as a daily practice.